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Bangkok Breast Cancer Support Group

The Bangkok Breast Cancer Support Group (BBCs) is a small group of dedicated expatriate volunteers who have been actively involved with breast cancer education and support in Thailand since 1999. Our office is located at the Queen Sirikit Center for Breast Cancer at the Chulalongkorn Hospital. We man a weekly clinic at the BNH hospital to support women diagnosed with breast cancer, and assist them in coping with the trauma and anxiety connected with the disease. The group also gives lectures on breast self examination and breast health to women in institutions like universities, schools, offices, factories, women’s clubs etc.

After conducting research about breast cancer in Thailand, we were dismayed to discover that the majority of Thai women who were diagnosed with breast cancer were already in the advanced stages (3 & 4) of the disease, therefore leading to high mortality rates. This may have been avoided had they been diagnosed in the early stages and received correct treatment at the appropriate time.

The BBCs actively support early detection and breast cancer awareness, as this is first and best form of defense against this disease.
We have also started our educational outreach programs where we intend to spread awareness of breast cancer to women of the outlying provinces of Bangkok. If and when any of these women are diagnosed with breast cancer, they unfortunately are unable to avail the kinds of treatment available to women in the cities. This is what the BBCs is trying to redress, and this is where volunteers are needed to help us run our programs successfully. Not only does the BBCs spread the awareness of Breast Cancer to these women, but we also facilitate diagnostic testing (ultrasounds and mammograms) if anything abnormal is detected during clinical breast examination and arrange for counseling for patients and their families.

As we are a charity and totally dependant on donations and volunteers to run our programs, we would greatly appreciate any kind of help made available to us. Training will be provided and there are various roles volunteers can help us with, so that it fits in with each individual’s schedule.
We hold our monthly meeting every third Thursday of the month at 10.00am at our office, and all are welcome to attend these sessions if they want to learn more about the BBCs, and the various programs we are involved in.

Our website is www.bangkokbreastcancer.com

Our email is [email protected]

Tel No: 02 256 4991-2, ext 1026, fax: 02 256 4991 ext 1025, Mo: 0859088002.

Bangkok Breast Cancer Support Group
[email protected]
Tel: +02 256-4991-2 ext 1026
Fax: +02-256-4991-2 ext 1025